How to unclog ears, remedy, tips and tricks

How to unclog ears, remedy, tips and tricks

How to unclog ears: having the ears clogged is hardly pleasant. The feeling of not hearing is very unpleasant and can even cause pain sometimes for some people.


When the ears are very clogged, it is also the balance that is affected. MyFunBuzz offers today his tips, remedies and products to unclog ears.


1. Unclog ears with an auricular syringe

There are several products that help to unclog ears such as spray or pears for ears clogged. But a product that is very effective is the auricular syringe. It is the perfect product to quickly remove earwax from your clogged ears.


2. Remedy with boiled water and hydrogen peroxide

If you like Grandma’s remedies then MyFunBuzz offers you one below! A natural and effective remedy to quickly remove a wax plug or at least to help you unclog an ear.


Here is a home remedy for clogged ear:


  • Boil water and let cool.
  • Mix oxygenated water with boiled water.
  • Take a small pear and inject some of this water mixture up and back of the ear.
  • Be careful not to press too hard not to send a jet too powerful in the clogged ear.


Remedy with boiled water and hydrogen peroxide


This grandmother’s remedy will help you effectively clear clogged ears and even dislodge earwax plugs.


3. The candles to clean ears

Did you know that it was possible to buy candles online to deep clean the ears and prevent clogged ears? In fact it is a very old therapeutic method.


Ear candles are ideal for:


  • Thoroughly clean the ears.
  • Soften the cerumen and thus unclog the ears.
  • Prevent ENT problems.
  • They are a source of well-being and relaxation.


4. Unclog ears with boric alcohol

When it comes to opening an ear, boric alcohol is often produced in remedies. So here are the steps.


  • Put in your clogged ear a few drops of boric alcohol.
  • Then take a wick (buy in pharmacy).
  • Also soak boric alcohol with the wick.
  • Gently insert the wick soaked in boric alcohol into the ear canal.
  • Rinse the ear with a little mineral water at the end of the treatment.


Unclog ears with boric alcohol


To clear the ears it is necessary to repeat this homemade recipe for a few days. Remember to rinse your ear with a little bit of mineral water at the end of each treatment.


5. Unclog ears with lukewarm water

A little warm water to open a clogged ear. Easy and fast as a tip!


  • Boil water and let cool
  • Take a syringe and fill with this lukewarm water
  • Inject gently into your ear to dislodge excess earwax
  • Direct the stream of water up and back of the ear.
  • Pull the earplate a little to ensure good circulation.
  • As for the other thing it is important not to inject the water with too much force not to aggravate the situation.


An ear spray?


There are also products in the form of spray specially designed to eliminate the residues of cerumen and thus avoid having the ears plugged because of a surplus of cerumen.


6. Unclog ears with olive oil

Do you have the habit of having your ears clogged? Here is a tip to prevent and relieve you quickly.


To unclog a clogged ear:


  • Soak a cotton ball with olive oil.
  • Insert at the entrance of the ear the cotton ball before going to bed.
  • In the morning rinse the ear with lukewarm water.


To prevent clogged ears:


  • Take a little olive oil
  • Drop one or two drops of oil in the ear
  • Repeat once a week to prevent clogged ears.


Unclog ears with olive oil


Whether for prevention or to get your ear out quickly olive oil remains an excellent natural trick.


7. Set of earpads to prevent clogged ears

Having clogged ears is really not pleasant and can even cause headaches and dizziness. So why not prevent wax plugs?


It is no longer a secret that it is nowadays not recommended to use the family Q-tips to remove earwax. So what to use to avoid precisely having ears clogged? A set of medical grade ear curettes can be purchased to help dislodge excess wax without pushing the wax even deeper into the canal (as is the case with the use of Q-tips) .


8. Peroxide and clogged ears

How to unclog your ears? With peroxide and water, simply! A simple tip that you can use with the oriculaire syringe proposed above on this page for example. Here’s how to do it:


  • Mix 3% peroxide with a little water.
  • Use a pear or syringe.
  • Slowly insert this mixture into the base of the ear.
  • Leave for a few minutes in the ear.
  • This will soften your wax plug quickly. It will be easier to remove the plug in the ear and thus unclog it. Of
  • course, to avoid excess ear wax and therefore a possible plug, it is better to drop a small drop of olive oil from
  • time to time in the ear canal.


9. Unclog ears in an airplane

To have the ears clogged by plane is not at all pleasant. So how to quickly unclog the ears on your next trip in an airplane?


  • Pinch your nose.
  • Close your mouth.
  • Blow gently to clear your ears. (be careful not to blow too hard)


To prevent clogged ears in an airplane you can chew gum, simply. Thanks to this movement, your ears should remain uncovered throughout the journey by plane. It only remains to relax and sleep on the plane. Have a nice trip!


Unclog ears in an airplane


10. Unclog ears after swimming

Do you often have clogged ears after swimming? Do you swim in the sea and then have your ears clogged and painful?


  • Mix 70% alcohol with white vinegar (equal amount)
  • Take a cotton ball and soak with this homemade mixture.
  • Bend your head and drop a few drops in your ear.
  • Leave the head leaning for a few seconds to let the mixture work.
  • To pour drops of vinegar and alcohol at 70 degrees in clogged ears you can also use a pear or a syringe. Your ears will then be uncorked, dried and disinfected.