How to Catch a Mouse, 10 Easy Tips to make a mouse trap

Some will want to eliminate mice, others catch them first and then decide their fate. There are several types of mouse traps, as well as several baits and ways to catch them.


Some will be safe and some will be deadly for mice. 10 Tips here offers the best tricks and traps to catch a mouse in the house.


1. A mouse trap to catch them all!

To catch a mouse quickly without wasting time then trap-type or trap-type mouse traps are extremely effective and fast as a trap. You know the mouse traps that immediately close the mouse installed in the hatch. You can attract it with a piece of cheese for example or peanut butter.


There are so many different models of traps and mouse traps that it is difficult to recommend one model more than another. Nevertheless here is a model of mousetrap mouse available online depending on the country where you live. Sold in pack of 6 traps it will be easy to catch all the mice that walk in the house without your knowledge!


2. A sticky trap for mouse

This involves buying highly adhesive tapes designed to catch the mice and drop them off at strategic points on the floor. When the mice pass over, they will stick on the glue.


It is important to place this mouse trap in an easily accessible place to recover the trap and the dead mouse to avoid odors in the house.


Here is a sticky trap that consists of a very sticky plate to catch rats, mice and other unwanted small rodents.


To be even more effective as a trap one can simply add a little treat (which mice like) in the middle of the sticky plate. Fast result ensured!


3. Catch a mouse with chocolate

And yes! It seems that mice like chocolate. Attract them with some delicious chocolate and when they are enjoying their feast you just have to catch them and then put them back outside.


For example, you can place a small piece of chocolate on a mouse trap or on a sticky trap as mentioned earlier in this article. If you prefer to capture a living mouse then why not make a little house trap. The bucket trap you find below is a good way to catch a living mouse.


4. A mouse trap as a mouse catcher

We are not all interested in killing mice so why not buy a trap to catch live mice? An effective way to capture them in the house and then release them in the wild, simply.


The mousetrap is actually a kind of box or trap that keeps the mouse trapped inside. You can easily find several plans online to make your own mousetrap mouse trap. You can of course make the purchase also directly online.


You can choose a mousetrap, basket or toggle mouse trap.


5. An electric mouse trap

For a quick fix against mice, the electric trap is a good idea. The mouse will receive a shock when it enters the trap. This type of mousetrap is often used in factories and warehouses because it is very efficient and can be used for several years.


The electric trap is an excellent solution to quickly eliminate all mice from the house or warehouse for example. This electric model is one of the most popular and above all is on sale at a great price.


6. Using the bucket trap

If you have a little time in front of you then why not make your own homemade mouse trap? We offer you below a trap to catch a mouse without killing it.


This is a bucket and a ramp to quickly catch the mice roaming the house. Just put food in the bucket for example and the mouse will go there without being able to get out. You can simply use a stick as a ramp to draw the mouse and drop it into the bucket.


Here is an image that shows how to make this living mousetrap:


bucket trap


Another way to use the bucket is to make a trap with a plastic bottle or a can. A bit like this picture:


bucket trap


A mouse trap really effective in capturing live mice and quickly. Very very simple to set up. Be careful though to choose a bucket deep enough because the mouse must not be able to come out of the trap of course.


7. Where to place the mouse trap?

The place where you will place the mouse trap (s) is extremely important in order to quickly catch the mouse (s) lurking in the house. So where to place the mousetrap so that it is really efficient and fast?


– Watch the comings and goings of mice and rodents.
– Observe where the mouse droppings are
– Place the trap along a wall.
– Place more than one trap and mouse bait.
– Move if no catch after 2 or 3 days.

It is therefore pointless to blindly place mouse traps to try to catch them because you may be wasting your time. Observation is what you have to do to find the best place to install the trap or traps.


8. Use a roll of toilet paper

Did you know that it was possible to use a roll of toilet paper to catch a mouse. So here’s how to turn the toilet roll into a mouse trap:


– Take a roll of toilet paper (without the paper).
– Flatten the roll so that it has a flat side.
– Place the roll on the edge of a table
– Place a trash can on the floor.
– Put a bait on the end of the roll so that the mouse goes inside and then falls into the trash.


roll of toilet paper


A mouse trap easy to make at home and effective to catch the mouse that is constantly walking in the house or elsewhere.


9. An ultrasonic repeller to ward off mice

If you have to make a trap to catch the mice it is because they are necessarily already present in the house … Unfortunately!


So if you want to keep mice away from home to avoid catching them the ultrasonic repellent is a good solution against mice. Find below two very popular models that you can buy on Amazon, whether you live in France or Canada.


Here is the model of anti-mouse repellent Avantek brand. This ultrasonic device works with 2 types of ultrasonic waves which makes it much more efficient to keep mice away from home.


10. Using a rat trap for mice

Know that rat traps are just as effective at catching and killing mice. So if you already have some at home you can use them to capture the mice quickly.