Get high quality backlinks for your website and rank higher in Google

Purchase high quality backlinks for your website and rank higher in Google

What are the backlinks used for?

The backlinks have more and more weight in the SEO of a website. Google takes more and more into account in its ranking. The more a website receives quality links, the more it will be visible on the search engine.


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What is the ideal backlinks profile?

It is important to respect several criteria during a link strategy … Each link to be of quality must:


  • From an equivalent or similar thematic site.
  • Be integrated in the heart of the article (avoid pages of links and links in footer).
  • Integrate from time to time other links on the same page (to another site and / or to another older article on the site)
  • Do not over-optimize your link anchors (focus on the domain name and brand name most often)
  • Privilege sites and networks of quality sites
  • And especially that the link is the natural air despite being artificial!


What is the difference between a backlink and a sponsored article?

A backlink is simply a link embedded in the heart of a sponsored article. We most often use sponsored articles to embed links on different partner sites. Embedding backlinks without going through sponsored article posts would be more risky and could alert Google if too many were set up.


So privilege sponsored articles to position the links back to your site. This is often the only way to position links to a site that is new, ie that does not have any links yet.


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Why buy links?

For a blog, it is quite easy to get back links. Regular publications of articles will naturally generate links from sites of other enthusiasts, sharing on social networks, quotes, …


On the other hand, if you own an online store, it will be much more difficult to get backlinks. The spontaneous links towards an e-commerce will be rather rare …


How much does a backlink cost?

The purchase of a backlink as a sponsored article costs between € 30 to € 200 depending on the site and the platform used.


This rate usually includes: the writing of the article (unique and not copy / paste from other sites), the publication of the article and the integration of one or two links in the article.


Where can i buy backlinks?

I recommend Newvibe which is the leading platform in this area and they do accept adult websites.


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