Anti fly: Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Flies with repellent

Anti fly: Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Flies with repellent

Fighting flies is sometimes difficult. Bomb-shaped insecticides, essential oil, or leaves of various plants. These are the solutions and remedies to deploy.


Apart from that, a clean lifestyle is recommended because they are attracted by dirt and food scraps. Here are 10 tips anti fly and effective repellent to test!


1. An effective fly trap!

There are several types of fly traps, some more effective than others of course. If you are looking for a fly catcher and a wasp catcher that can catch and kill hundreds of flies quickly then we have what you need!


Here is the Red Top fly trap and wasp that in addition to being very effective and fast is nontoxic and therefore without chemicals.


2. Basil, an effective anti fly thing!

The Basil leaf has an unpleasant scent for flies. So, you can plant basil or put leaves of this fly-resistant plant on the places where access flies.


Basil, an effective anti fly thing!


Basil is an anti fly fly plant that is really effective against these small undesirable insects but also against midges and deer flies.


3. Ultrasound device against flies

Developed for years, ultrasonic devices are unbearable for small animals but also for flies. This is due to the frequency of sound that this type of fly repellent projects. Of course, this is a gadget but maybe it can be the right fly-stop solution for you in the house. As you have guessed it is a fly repellent for the inside and not for the outside.


4. Citronella essential oil, anti fly

Lemongrass essential oil is an excellent natural anti fly repellent. To use this lemongrass oil against flies you must:


  • Spray lemongrass essential oil into the rooms of the house.
  • Soak cotton balls with lemongrass to place on the terrace and balcony.


Citronella essential oil, anti fly


If you do not have lemongrass essential oil on hand sliced lemongrass can very well do the trick against flies.


  • Take one or two branches of lemongrass.
  • Slice lemongrass in slices.
  • Place sliced lemongrass on the edge of the windows at the house.


5. Sticky tapes, an effective anti-fly!

Sticky tapes are also effective against flies. His weak point is his unsightly side in a house. But other than that, it’s a trick that works very well to catch dozens and dozens of flies very quickly.


If you really have a fly problem in the house the flypaper trap remains one of the most effective for quickly eliminating all flies and other flying insects in the house.


6. Geranium essential oil

Another good fly repellent is geranium essential oil.


  • Mix water with geranium essential oil.
  • 8 drops of geranium essential oil mixed with 100 cl of water.
  • Spray this mixture throughout the house to finish off the flies.


Geranium essential oil is therefore a good anti-fly natural but you can also simply plant this plant in the garden or in a pot to ward off flying insects.


7. A fly swatter or better, an electric racquet!


A fly swatter or better, an electric racquet!

Of course nothing goes faster than a good old flyman to eliminate flies in the house! Be careful to buy a fly swatter that is not too flexible to crush and kill flies the first time. You can also choose to buy an electric racquet that allows you to finish very quickly with flies.


8. Mint, an effective anti-fly plant!

Mint is another anti fly very effective plant to finish with these insects.


  • Take mint branches and hang them on the doors and windows.
  • Use fresh branches and leaves of mint only.

The result is guaranteed and very fast to put an end to unwanted flies in the house. You can also plant mint plants in your garden and on your balcony to finish flies and midges.


9. A destroyer to finish with flies!

If you really do not know how to get rid of flies and other flying insects on the terrace, we may have the solution for you. The electric insect destroyer is an excellent solution to quickly kill unwanted flies without wasting time catching them.


10. A yellow container against the flies

The yellow color is one of the favorites for flies and snappers. So why not attract them to finish once and for all!


  • Use a yellow container.
  • Add an alcoholic beverage of your choice. (a few millimeters are enough)
  • Add plastic wrap and drill small holes.
  • Small flies (pouches) will be quickly attracted.


To fight against the fly, this technique proves effective. Small flies will be drowned in water.